- Read aloud to your child daily.

  • Help them discover the joy of reading at an early age, because providing children with an early literature-enriched environment can lead to greater academic success in the future.

- Prepare your child for kindergarten. Education should begin in the home, so find ways to make everyday activities an opportunity for learning.

- Practice good manners



- Help your child become a reader.

  • Check out this free booklet from the US Department of Education. It contains tips and activities to help promote a love of reading in your household.

- Help your child learn and love math

- Engage in problem solving activities


1st Grade

- Develop positive study habits.

  • Parents should take an interest in the homework that their children bring home and find the most effective ways to help them with assignments.
  • Look to this brochure for more tips.

- Set rewards for good behavior and good grades

- Start a college savings plan,


2nd Grade

- Read, read, read – everyday!

- Engage in problem solving activities

- Learn about family or community members who have gone to college


3rd Grade

-Discuss careers and the type of education needed for particular careers.

- Attend school every day

- Continue to read for fun!


4th Grade

- Encourage children to ask adults they come in contact with where they went to school.

- Maintain healthy study habits

- Increase creative writing skills


5th Grade

- Make a family trip to see a college campus. Let your children see it’s a fun place… check out the library, bookstore, student union, etc.

  • Take this scavenger hunt worksheet with you for a fun activity while on campus.

- Engage in athletics, community service, and other extracurricular activities

- Participate in yearly science fairs

- Take advantage of afterschool homework help programs